Hog Gas Arkansas

Hog Gas Ozark AR

“Hog Gas” is a page of  short Day trips designed for scenic rides – on your HOG, bike or whatever your choice of transportation may be. The Ozark, Arkansas area is full of wonderful scenic countryside – season after season.  Picturesque roadside towns, Historic buildings, farms, meadows with grazing Longhorns, sheep, goats – even Buffalo and Llamas!

Hog Gas in Photos:

Lodge at Mount Magazine
Gracing the south bluff of Arkansas’s highpoint, Mount Magazine, this resort mountain lodge affords a spectacular view of the Petit Jean River Valley and distant Blue Mountain Lake below.

Lodge at Mount Magazine

The modern, rustic-style lodge offers 60 guest rooms, a grand lobby to welcome guests, an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, gift shop, and stunning views of the valley below.

Lodge at Mount Magazine,  Restaurant

Dining . . . Above the Clouds

Enjoy fine dining in this majestic room with a spectacular view of the Petit Jean River Valley, Blue Mountain Lake, and Ouachita Mountains. Tall timbers and an impressive two-story chimney over a huge fireplace reflect a “parkitecture” style of a previous era. Hickory furniture completes the relaxing, rustic atmosphere.

A diverse menu with specialty items unique to the Skycrest Restaurant will make your dining decisions difficult. You’ll have to plan another visit just to try something else.

Subiaco Addey (1)

Subiaco Addey (2)

Chateau Aux Arc Winery (1)

Chateau Aux Arc Winery (2)

Post Winery

Wiederkehr (1)

Wiederkehr (2)

Mt. Bethel Winery

Cowie Winery

River Valley

St. Mary’s Altus (1)

St. Mary’s Altus (2)


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